Mac - you can't provide it either :) Please let me know if you can.......


Let me know if you can provide local to me service - Also - will you sell me unlimited plans ? I'd be willing to pay $50.00/mo for unlimited useage. They only use about 9000-12000 LOCAL minutes per month........


On Fri, 2006-03-03 at 19:08 -0600, Mac Dearman wrote:

Just send me a connection fee and I will take care of the rest of it  :-)
How many lines, whats the area code and how fast do you need them? With 911 of course.
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I am looking for a appliance/device that will work as a VoIP Gateway/PBX for 4-8 POTS lines. I am not looking for an Asterisk solution but seeking out a plug and play appliance for under $2k or less.

I cannot get a PRI in my area - I cannot get a ISDN BRI in my area either - The only option I have is POTS lines which I can get for $23.00/mo each.

I must have local services due to this being on a shipping channel and 911 is very critical.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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