Primus is a big International LD company. That is how it began in 1994.
Check out the Primus Wireless plan. Cellular and VOIP are based in International exchanges.

Primus has short term debt of $26M; long term is $635M.
About to be de-listed from Nasdaq.
Net loss for the fourth quarter 2005 was ($25) million (including a $13 million net loss from foreign currency transactions, a $4 million gain on early extinguishment of debt and $1 million in severance expense).

Revenue growth was in wireless (MVNO), Covad re-sale, and International markets.

Retail VOIP services grew modestly in the quarter to approximately 104,000 customers. This growth level reflects the fact that the Company continued to moderate its investment in LINGO in part due to the disruption in marketing activities raised by E911 regulations. Revenue from retail VOIP customers reached $8 million during the fourth quarter.

John Scrivner wrote:

Primus tells me they are more than a VOIP company and that they do make money. They impressed me in my dealings with them. Can you share more about your information about Primus? I have a big interest in knowing anything I can about them right now.

Peter R. wrote:

You haven't seen it yet, because Lingo is not profitable yet.
Primus owns Lingo and Primus is basically an International VOIP company.

Like so many VOIP Providers, they are still trying to figure out how to make a profit.

Delta3 (which is the backend for VZ's VoiceWing) made $9.1M in revenue in 4Q05 and just $22k in income.

Vonage has a customer acquisition cost that is 20 times their MRC.



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