You might have just had a bad experience.
I beta tested the Primus Business VOIP product in 2004 and my only complaint was that after talking for 75 minutes on one call, it would die. And the Cisco ATA needed to be rebooted a lot.


KyWiFi LLC wrote:

Hi Scriv,

We tried Lingo but could not get it to work reliably and
their voice quality was horrible when it did work. Their
support is overseas so expect to be treated like a number
instead of a person. LNP's are hard to get approved and
people calling our ported number often got a busy signal
when we were not on the phone. Even if we were on the
phone, they should not have received a busy signal because
we their service is suppose to include call waiting. During
the first week or two after our number was ported, some
callers received a "This number has been disconnected"
message when they called us. My advice is to turn and run.

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