Can you give me more details on what you have. Is this 2 GHz stuff (probably 1800-1900 MHz)? I have a local county here who uses what I think is Starpoint but not sure. They are running out of spare cards and such and might be interested. I think this was used a lot in older public safety networks and other microwave projects like utility companies. It was mostly for radio networks and remote control. There may be a need on the used 2 way radio market for these items. If you can pull a little more information on what you have, specifically models and cards in the racks it may be of some use for the 2 way shops who maintain older systems and are having a hard time getting spare parts.

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Brian Webster
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I've aquired 24-26 full racks of Motorola Starpoint equipment - Does anyone know of who may be using this. Someone mentioned they are using this equipment in Africa ??????

Any suggestions are welcome :)


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