Hi Brian,

I'm actually looking for something not quite as complex. I need a system that I can enter a list of numbers (won't change often-mostly cell phones), and once a night have it call the list of numbers and play a message.

I can work with a pre-recorded message where I just call in and activate the sequence. I would prefer to be able to call in each night and leave a new message, and then have it call each number and replay the message.

I'm sure asterisk would do this, but is probably overkill for my needs. I'm looking for something simple to setup and administer, so that down the road I can turn it over to someone else to maintain the list.

I have an older PC and a voice-capable modem that I can use for this. I can also give it a public IP so it can be administered from anywhere.


Brian Whigham wrote:
Are you talking about an Auto Attendant that can provide precanned
messages for callers like a call center does?  For example, your
cellular providers's support center will make you key in various option
codes to talk to the correct department.  If that's what you're looking
for, use Asterisk PBX.  It's  an open-source PBX server.

see http://voip-info.org/wiki/index.php?page=Asterisk

I can help you set up a server, if needed.

Brian Whigham
Yonder Networks

Bill Austin wrote:

I need to setup an automated call system. One where someone dials in and activates it (by entering a touch-tone code) and then it goes through a list of numbers it dials and plays a pre-recorded message.

Any hints, tips, suggestions, software recommendations, or other advice will be greatly appreciated.


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