That seems reasonable Rick.
I think maybe part of the problem here stems from the charter for the public list.  I, personally, don't remember what the allowable discussion range is for this particular list.
If it's wireless specific then we indeed have to do a much better job of keeping it on track.  If it's a general topic list then I think we're doing fine here.  Even if talking about porn if it comes to that, from a business model standpoint.
Make sense?
Anyone know what the list charter says?  I wouldn't even know where to go look it up.
And for those that care to run off in a huff, shame on you.  This is a FREE list.  Your business is improved every day by those on this list.  That's WISPA's main goal.  If *we* think that a line of thought is bad for our industry it's our right, indeed responsibility, to do something about it.  It's YOUR job to convince us we're wrong OR run for office and change the rules.
I personally know and have met, eyeball to eyeball, everyone on this board.  I don't happen to agree with any of them all of the time.  I do have great respect for them all.  These are among the very top minds in this industry.  The folks on the WISPA board understand more about the business, the finances, politics, market pressures etc. than anyone you are likely to find anywhere.  More importantly for you, they/we, are accessible.  You can pick up the phone and call Rick and ask him directly why he did what he did.  You can call and talk to me about FCC issues.  You can call Scriv and ask about policy issues.
Now get back to work you scurvy dogs!!!!  lol
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To All,


I took over the moderation of the list about a year and one half ago.  The previous moderator handed over the reigns for a variety of reasons but many of which were criticisms about how he did his job and the personal stress involved.  I have received the same criticisms and have let them hit my thick skin as gracefully as I could. 


This position is not a fun one, I need to try and keep up with about 5 WISPA listservs as well as other duties for 50 [EMAIL PROTECTED] lists.  Tonight, I was about 75 messages behind when I found time to catch up.  Alex’s post with the title, “New Revenue Stream” was one of the newest messages when I checked.  I will admit, I wasn’t in the best mood when I read it.  Knowing that this list is publicly monitored, I really did not feel it was the proper place to discuss hosting pornography and describing how profitable it could be.  I try to be pretty liberal in my moderation duties, but I felt this one stepped over the line.  Several of you feel I was in error.  Possibly.


I have received a few complaints about my decision.  This decision to moderate in no way harbored ill thoughts towards Alex Huppenthal.  I would have responded the same way on that thread for any poster.  I am disappointed he took my action so deeply to heart.  Normally, I would not let a few complaints bother me, but in this case I am choosing to respond.  While I stand by my decision that this was not proper content for this list, I will allow the thread to continue if the members feel it is important.  If you feel I was in error, feel free to contact me offlist.





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