First, I want to thank all of you for discussing moderation duties.  We can only learn from the fruitful discussion that has developed since last night.  While I received a bit of criticism for my action, I also received many “attaboys”.  Just realize that there is no way that any moderator is ever going to please every participant on a list serv.  I still think that I made an educated decision for the long term good of WISPA and our industry by nipping that thread in the bud.  If I hadn’t stepped in quickly, the discussion MIGHT have become much more graphic and embarrassing to the list.  Yes, I did thwart the discussion before it got started but I felt it my duty to the association.  Obviously, people have differing opinions of my duty and that is fine.  I realized a long time ago that no decision I ever make will make every list member happy.  My duty is to try to anticipate the long term effects of the impending discussion and results the discussion may have on our industry .  I do so without regard to race, religion or personal beliefs to the best of my ability. 


Now, I’m going back to my work schedule.  This is my last response to this topic.




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