Given the odds... I know that someday I'm going to face the issue of content

I, too, am rather disappointed to know that wireless ISP's aren't supposed
to discuss this notion among themselves.   What goes on, on my network, I
don't know, really.   I haven't monitored enough traffic to know, and
frankly, I don't want to.   I hope I never do, but given the odds, that's
not likely.

But there may be legal or other concerns that can seriously impact your
business, and it's all about the content FROM your customers, not just TO
your customers.

Where do you suggest we discuss these issues, anyway?   Hire a lawyer?

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> I for one would prefer that we maintain some semblance of focus on our
> core focus as an organization (promoting and improving the wireless
> industry).  I could sell Amway and consider that to be an additional
> revenue stream for my WISP, but having me ramble on about that is the
> last thing anyone here should have to be subjected to.
> The last thing we need on this list is more noise to drown our our
> signal, whether that noise is discussion that is relatively unrelated to
> the wireless industry (like the original post) or plain old "I don't
> like this or that so I'm leaving" drama.
> Thanks for nipping this one Rick.   Keep up the good work.
> Matt Larsen

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