Hi Gino,

I have the exact same problem. Certain kinds of calls don't hang up - usually calls from cellular carriers that don't send the right kind of termination or whatever.

I haven't come up with a perfect solution for it, but we do reboot the server every night at 3am just to make sure the channels get cleared at least once a day. We have started keeping an eye on the system through the FOP panel, and when the pots lines are stuck, someone goes into the console and does "zap destroy channel x" to hang up the line.

I am going to be getting a SIP trunk directly from my CLEC, and then I won't have any direct interface with the POTS system. Can't wait for that day. Dealing with the POTS lines is the biggest pain in the ass with Asterisk.

If you come up with a better solution, let me know.

Matt Larsen

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