I agree with you on the part about Rick - although i've never met him eye to eye - i've shared a lot of time in conversation with him. He has a tough job on his shoulders being a moderator. Lord knows he's definitely earned his $$ worth out of having to moderate me - oh wait - he's not paid ! - There you go guys - unfortunately Rick has to make decisions that will probobaly tick a lot of us off. I personally didn't see anything wrong with Alex's post though !


On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 10:29 -0600, Mac Dearman wrote:
Well - - all of you know I have an opinion thats not always humble, but I will share it all the same.
IMO - - I dont see a thing wrong with hosting such material IF thats what you want to do, but I must confess that discussing such hosting material on a WISPA list is not exactly kosher as we are trying to accomplish some rather extroidinary things with the Gov't. Such topics can not be helpful in these matters and thus - I agree with Brother Harnish's asking that particular topic go else where as it "may" stand the opportunity at a later date to be considered less than professional and detrimental to what we are trying accomplish. It is in a totally different ball field than any other "off topic" discussions that we have here from time to time. I would also hate to be meeting with Gov't officailas and one of tem ask me - - - so how is that porn service running for you? :-)
 I also have an opinion for those of you who took such deep offense at Ricks comments - - - If you know Harnish then you know he had put thought into the matter before he asked the discussion be discontinued on list. He has never been a list "nazi" and such comments are offending and hurtful. I really think most of us (me included) ought to put a little more thought into what we are typing and re-read it before we hit send :-)
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To All,


I took over the moderation of the wireless@wispa.org list about a year and one half ago.  The previous moderator handed over the reigns for a variety of reasons but many of which were criticisms about how he did his job and the personal stress involved.  I have received the same criticisms and have let them hit my thick skin as gracefully as I could. 


This position is not a fun one, I need to try and keep up with about 5 WISPA listservs as well as other duties for 50 [EMAIL PROTECTED] lists.  Tonight, I was about 75 messages behind when I found time to catch up.  Alex’s post with the title, “New Revenue Stream” was one of the newest messages when I checked.  I will admit, I wasn’t in the best mood when I read it.  Knowing that this list is publicly monitored, I really did not feel it was the proper place to discuss hosting pornography and describing how profitable it could be.  I try to be pretty liberal in my moderation duties, but I felt this one stepped over the line.  Several of you feel I was in error.  Possibly.


I have received a few complaints about my decision.  This decision to moderate in no way harbored ill thoughts towards Alex Huppenthal.  I would have responded the same way on that thread for any poster.  I am disappointed he took my action so deeply to heart.  Normally, I would not let a few complaints bother me, but in this case I am choosing to respond.  While I stand by my decision that this was not proper content for this list, I will allow the thread to continue if the members feel it is important.  If you feel I was in error, feel free to contact me offlist.





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