I know you're not asking if something between two and six gigahertz broadcasting at less than one watt could affect low megahertz spectrum. If your car horn honked every time you turned on the kitchen light, would you assume the kitchen light was honking the car horn? Whatever the problem is, it belongs to Echostar, not you. - cw

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Anyone seen a problem like the one below before?

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We have good internet speed most of the time and I am happy with my setup. Occasionally we loose the internet for some reason, and I have to shut off the power to the receiver. This always seems to reset everything. All in all we have been very happy, however lately we have been having a problem which seems to be getting worse as time goes by. Lately, our TV picture becomes pixilated and breaks up, and the sound is also disrupted. It seems to happen anytime. (maybe some program on the computer is accessing the internet?) If someone gets online the TV becomes so bad that at times it is unwatchable. This seems to have become progressively worse over the last two or three weeks. If I turn off the power to our internet antenna, then we have no problem with the TV at all, so I can only presume that the Internet antenna is disrupting the signal that our Dish Network antenna is receiving. The Dish Network antenna is a duel LNB antenna and this problem only occurs on certain channels, so maybe only one LNB is bothered by the internet antenna? Is the internet antenna failing and sending out interference? Is one of the LNB's on the Dish Network antenna failing, or is this just signal interference, and if so, how can we get rid of it? We would like to be able to use the internet at the same time that we are watching TV, so anything you can do to help me would be appreciated.
Bill Dale
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