Sooo...who is a millionaire today?
I am sure there are many.
When I started out in this community, it was Breeze. than Alvarion
Then it was Sunstream, now Trango.
It was Bob Dillon, now the beastie boys?
The answer is a fresnel zone in the wind.....
You are my brothers/sisters, because you want one thing.
You want to beat the POTS, the TELCO, the DSL and the CABLE.
But...what are we to do...they, (if we do not have a solution) will suck up our bandwidth...for VoIP, IPTV!!  GEEZe....
Someone told me, years ago, that the wISP is a wild intangible.  Is that true?
All I can say is, that after years, I am still here.
Victoria Proffer
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