The VZ Petition that was forborn was 04-440, the broadband petition that followed BellSouth's 04-405. VZ piled on for relief on the packet-switching services like ATM, Frame Relay, and IP VPN. My bet would be that any Special Access circuits will be subject to random pricing going forward.

Basically, they are no longer a common carrier for anything but voice. Go figure.
You can read the details and comments here:

From Adelstein:
Commission inaction here is particularly disappointing because the scope of the relief sought and granted is far from clear. The petition as filed sought forbearance with respect to all broadband services that the petitioner “does or may offer.” More than a year after the initial filing, the petitioner sought to narrow its request, though the parameters of even this amended filing appear disputed. Moreover, the petition lacks the sort of careful analysis of the specific sections of the Act and the specific regulations for which forbearance is sought that should be required for relief. Even setting aside the question of whether this should be an independent basis for denial of the petition, this Commission must seriously consider the need for rigorous procedural rules to govern filing of forbearance petitions.

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