First off, it wasn't offered in Vegas - that is where the TelecomNext show is this week, where BST announced that they will be lab testing WiMAX gear. They use propriety wireless gear in select test towns from Navini to offer broadband. And have now announced that the wireless would be for backup/redundancy.


LAS VEGAS—BellSouth Corp. unveiled a pre-WiMAX wireless broadband back-up system for businesses’ Internet connections. The carrier said the system allows customers to activate a Wi-Fi hotspot at a business location, with a WiMAX backhaul, in the event the wireline network goes down.

The add-on service will cost BellSouth broadband customers $30 a month. BellSouth says the service will offer downstream speeds up to 1.5 megabits per second. The company initially offered the service in Athens, Ga. and has since deployed it in several other cities where it offer WiMAX services, including New Orleans and Gulfport, Miss. The company plans to expand the service to more cities this year.

“BellSouth recognizes that customers are increasingly in need of redundant access services,” said Randy Roberts, BellSouth’s vice president of consumer devices and wireless. “With Wi-Fi from BellSouth, businesses can distinguish themselves and offer a convenience to those who are working or surfing the Internet at their business location.”

AT&T Inc. recently announced its intention to acquire BellSouth in a transaction that, if approved by federal regulators, would close within about a year

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