Munis are just your hometown wanting service just like residents, business and education. As soon as we learn this we will all benefit from it greatly. Public safety specifically is the killer application of muni broadband in my opinion. If we all learn how to sell this to our towns and service it correctly we will inevitably win in the end. Backhaul to munis who decide to go it alone is also an option. I would bet most if not all of them would pay for a service agreement on their networks also. Maybe they will pay you to build their network for them?

Matt Liotta wrote:

I personally don't much care for Muni wireless as I would rather the government stay out of the ISP business. With that being said, Rome, GA announced that GTS had won the the contract to install a wireless system for the city. See for details on the announcement.

What I thought the list might find interesting is that we (AirInfinite, now One Ring Networks) were included in GTS's bid and will now be providing backhaul for the wireless network. I believe this is an interesting approach for WISPs to take when dealing with munis that have an interest in wireless.


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