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Here is a message from Lisa in Maine with a tower for rent. Lisa is not a member of these lists. Please direct any correspondence offlist as we do not all need to read the discussion about renting a tower.
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Subject:        question from left field...
Date:   Thu, 23 Mar 2006 22:21:31 -0800
From:   Lisa Menconi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi John,

My name is Lisa and I am curious about the world of WISPs. I have NO background at all relating to any sort of ISP. I am an accountant, of all things! Anyway, I happen to be an accountant for radio broadcasting and we are moving one of our FM antennas and may have tower space available in Northern Maine. I read an article about WISPs and it seems that the rural area where our tower is located could likely benefit dramatically from WISP technology. How would I go about finding a potential Lessee in need of tower space for his/her WISP in Northern New England?

I understand that you are probably a very busy man who is not in the business of spoon feeding someone WISP information—especially someone you don’t even know. If you happen to know who or where I might ask about WISPs in Northern New England as to who may be looking for tower space, I would greatly appreciate it. I have no idea how to pursue this avenue as I have never explored it before.

Any time you could spare to guide me in some direction would be much obliged.


Lisa Menconi

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