Gee, you'd think they could find better speakers wouldn't ya!  grin

It'll sure be great to see Rick again.

I'm really looking forward to this event. It's NOT isp focused. It's technology focused. Sounds to me like it'll mostly be muni's there.

If there are any wisps in the area you should try to get to this. Might be some great contacts there for you.

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I just thought you might be interested in this;

"Broadband Forum II (BBII) is being held this year on April 5 and 6."

"Our speakers will include:

Susan Estrada, an internet pioneer and current president of FirstMile.US. Estrada is a lead consultant on our efforts to establish a redundant fiber optic connection and will be providing a status report on this project at BBII.

Marlon Schafer, a pioneering wireless internet service provider (WISP) who has created systems in rural communities in the state of Washington. Schafer will presenting information on WISP business planning and deployment.

Rick Kunze, of ColusaNet will, with Schafer, share his experiences and knowledge of starting and operating a WISP in Colusa, Calif.

Joaquin Alvarado, Director of the Institute For Next Generation Internet will share with us key issues and opportunities for the future of the internet and broadband technologies."

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