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Last month I posted to the list asking about low cost 5Ghz bridges and a few folks responded that I should check out Airaya.  I decided to give them a try based on some really excellent discounts from one of our vendors.  In short, I hate them J  If you’re interested in why, feel free to hit me off list..


We bought two complete links and before installing the first one I cracked it open and took a picture of its high tech innards to share with this list.  I hope this helps those looking at sub $3k PTP bridges. 











From: Matt Glaves
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 9:50 PM
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Subject: Solectek Skyway 7000


I have never used the Solectek equipment and am looking at either trying their Skyway 7101 or the Trango Atlas for some short building to building links.  I have seen enough favorable posts about the Atlas to know plenty of you are using it successfully – although I sure wish I could get one of their sales folks to return a phone call.  Leave a message about buying 250 CPEs and no one calls back....  Anyway J


I would like to get opinions on the Skyway 7000.  This would be for very short <.5 mile links between buildings.  We would normally use Terabeam/Proxim systems but are looking for alternatives with similar capabilities and 20-40% lower cost.  Any info/opinions on reliability and real world throughput would be great.





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