Could you say something that looks a bit like this:

3650 is unlikely to be a wide-spread last mile distribution spectrum because
manufacturers are unlikely to develop an array cost-effective end user
solutions for only 50 mhz of contiguous spectrum.   Instead, it will
effectively become a middle mile, with single point solutions adapted from
other licensed or unlicensed spectrum, effectively becoming backbone and
infrastructure, rather than last mile distribution.   While an important
asset in the hands of providers, it, in itself, is not possible to be that
ubitquitous last mile.

Does that perspective seem accurate and more diplomatic?

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> Understood.  But it is only 50 mhz.  How much is itfs?  How much is mmds?
> How much was the new 5.4 gig band?
> Part of what we're looking for is the WHOLE TV band.
> I remember Patrick saying that none of you manufacturers were at all
> about 3650 because there just wasn't enough spectrum there to make it
> useful!  My how times change.  grin.
> Your point is well taken though.  What would you suggest as an
> What are other people's thoughts?
> thanks,
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> >I would strike the "only 50 MHz of spectrum" statement about 3650. The
> > industry has paid billions for way less. The answer is using spectrally
> > efficient systems with what we get for free.......
> >

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