A typical BTA for a MMDS or ITFS build may only be 24 Mhz. Half of what
you're saying isn't enough (50 Mhz). Some projects I'm working on have a
whopping total of 10 mhz. 

I remember Patrick disagreeing with the contention based protocal in 3650
not the amount of spectrum. 

Like I said before, the alternative is for more efficient radio systems and
not gear that takes up a 20 mhz channel to get you 6-10 meg's like most
systems being deployed today in the name of cheap, interference resilient,
or whatever other name you put on the product. I would aurgue the point that
the FCC wants more efficient use of our unlicensed bands now and in the
future. Brad

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Understood.  But it is only 50 mhz.  How much is itfs?  How much is mmds? 
How much was the new 5.4 gig band?

Part of what we're looking for is the WHOLE TV band.

I remember Patrick saying that none of you manufacturers were at all excited

about 3650 because there just wasn't enough spectrum there to make it 
useful!  My how times change.  grin.

Your point is well taken though.  What would you suggest as an alternative?

What are other people's thoughts?

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