Erate is a federal program.
Its not a matter of whether or not the schools or state will allow you to
provide the service.  It's a competitive bidding process. How you pick your
way through the bidding process is an entirely different beast. Start
learning now if you want to bid on contracts in the late fall. All the
information you need is on the SLD website.  It will take a few weeks to
completely understand it all.  Really. To cook it all down, the whole
program is 1/3 federal $$, 1/3 rigged bidding processes and 1/3 fear.  You
need to position yourself correctly in the bidding process to overcome the
fixed bids.  You need to educate the school district tech coordinators.  99%
of them are overworked and so fearful of making a misstep and loosing their
funding that they just cant stomach change. If you start early and help
educate them on new services, higher speeds and serious savings you stand a
much better chance  of helping them overcome their fear, winning a few bids
and getting your hands on some of those federal $$.  


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Where does a WISP look to find out if their state/city will
allow them to provide broadband service to schools under
the erate program?

I tried searching google but didn't see any details listed for
our state.


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Same here in Michigan.  We provide internet and data services under the 
erate to several schools.

John Scrivner wrote:

>> Years ago I looked into what it would take to sell access to the 
>> school. erate is set up so that one company provides all telecom 
>> needs to the school.  Voice, data etc.  The only companies that can 
>> do that are the ilec or a clec. 
> This is not true in Illinois. We have what is called a "SPIN" number 
> which allows us to sell Internet to schools even if they get other 
> services from other providers. I am not an ILEC or a CLEC.
> Scriv

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