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I can give you the names of some supportive members of Congress and some bill names. Below I'll copy a list of members on the two committees. When calling legislators people could just say what their key interest is, for example, that they support expansion of USF to broadband.

The Senate side is more promising, but not as straightforward - lots of bills. The House side is less promising for moving a bill forward on USF.

Let's start with the House where USF supporters are representatives Boucher (D-VA) and Terry (R-NE).  Their bill is the Universal Service Reform Act of 2006. The difficulty in the House is that the Chairman of the House committee, Joe Barton, does not like USF.  He and members of this committee could use some calls with your input.

The Senate is different. USF has wide support on the Commerce Committee. Its chairman, Ted Stevens (R-AK), is a big supporter of USF and expansion to broadband.  Other committee members supporting USF include Senators Burns (R-MT), Lott (R-MI), Dorgan (D-ND), Snowe (R-ME), Rockefeller (D-WV), and Pryor (D-AR).  Two of the bills in the Senate involving USF are:

the Universal Service for the 21st Century Act, S 1583, introduced by Senators Smith, Dorgan and Pryor,

and the Internet and Universal Service Act of 2006, S 2256, introduced by Senator Burns.

Here's the testimony we gave at the recent Senate hearing on USF distributions: http://www.freepress.net/docs/Scott_USF_testimony.pdf

Hope some of this is helpful and I send apologies that it's not more concise - we were working until 4:30am last night and my brain's a little fried.  I've pasted below a list of Senate Commerce Committee members and another list of House Energy and Commerce Committee members.



Senate Commerce Committee Members:

    *  Ted Stevens - Alaska (Chairman)
      Hart 522   202-224-3004

    * Daniel K. Inouye - Hawaii (Ranking Member)
      Hart 722   202-224-3934

    * John McCain - Arizona
      Russell 241   202-224-2235

    * Conrad Burns - Montana
      Dirksen 187   202-224-2644

    * Trent Lott - Mississippi
      Russell 487   202-224-6253

    * Kay Bailey Hutchison - Texas
      Russell 284   202-224-5922

    * Olympia Snowe - Maine
      Russell 154   202-224-5344

    * Gordon Smith - Oregon
      Russell 404   202-224-3753

    * John Ensign - Nevada
      Russell 364   202-224-6244

    * George Allen - Virginia
      Russell 204   202-224-4024

    * John Sununu - New Hampshire
      Russell 111   202-224-2841

    * Jim DeMint - South Carolina
      Russell 340    202-224-6121

    * David Vitter - Louisiana
      Hart 516    202-224-4623


    * John D. Rockefeller IV - West Virginia
      Hart 531   202-224-6472

    * John F. Kerry - Massachussetts
      Russell 304   202-224-2742

    * Byron L. Dorgan - North Dakota
      Hart 322   202-224-2551

    * Barbara Boxer - California
      Hart 112   202-224-3553

    * Bill Nelson - Florida
      Hart 716   202-224-5274

    * Maria Cantwell - Washington
      Hart 717   202-224-3441

    * Frank Lautenberg - New Jersey
      Hart 324   202-224-3224

    * E. Benjamin Nelson - Nebraska
      Hart 720    202-224-6551

    * Mark Pryor - Arkansas
      Russell 217    202-224-2353

House Energy and Commerce Committee Members:

Joe Barton, Texas

John D. Dingell, Michigan
Ranking Member

Ralph M. Hall, Texas

Michael Bilirakis, Florida
Vice Chairman

Fred Upton, Michigan

Cliff Stearns, Florida

Paul E. Gillmor, Ohio

Nathan Deal, Georgia

Ed Whitfield, Kentucky

Charlie Norwood, Georgia

Barbara Cubin, Wyoming

John Shimkus, Illinois

Heather Wilson, New Mexico

John B. Shadegg, Arizona

Charles "Chip" Pickering, Mississippi
Vice Chairman

Vito Fossella, New York

Roy Blunt, Missouri

Steve Buyer, Indiana

George Radanovich, California

Charles F. Bass, New Hampshire

Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania

Mary Bono, California

Greg Walden, Oregon

Lee Terry, Nebraska

Mike Ferguson, New Jersey

Mike Rogers, Michigan

C.L. "Butch" Otter, Idaho

Sue Myrick, North Carolina

John Sullivan, Oklahoma

Tim Murphy, Pennsylvania

Michael Burgess, Texas

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee

Henry A. Waxman, California

Edward J. Markey, Massachusetts

Rick Boucher, Virginia

Edolphus Towns, New York

Frank Pallone Jr., New Jersey

Sherrod Brown, Ohio

Bart Gordon, Tennessee

Bobby L. Rush, Illinois

Anna G. Eshoo, California

Bart Stupak, Michigan

Eliot L. Engel, New York

Albert R. Wynn, Maryland

Gene Green, Texas

Ted Strickland, Ohio

Diana DeGette, Colorado

Lois Capps, California

Mike Doyle, Pennsylvania

Tom Allen, Maine

Jim Davis, Florida

Jan Schakowsky, Illinois

Hilda L. Solis, California

Charles A. Gonzalez, Texas

Jay Inslee, Washington

Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin

Mike Ross, Arkansas

At 11:29 AM -0800 3/30/06, Marlon K. Schafer \(509\) 982-2181 wrote:
I've cc'd Frannie Wellings.  She'd know the answers to your questions far better than I would.

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Now we're cookin' with gas!  Great stuff, thanks.  If we get past the initial contact with congress I'll use as much of that as I can. Maybe if it comes down to brass tacks you and I can work closer on these ideas? (not yet, might not need them and I don't have time for what if's.....)

Also, I think you may misunderstand one thing.  We're NOT working with the FCC on this right now.  Right now congress has said very clearly that they are GOING to change USF.  They have asked, out right asked, for ideas on how to change the programs.  THAT's what WISPA is working on with these documents.

Do you have names of the people on the committee? Who, exactly, is working on this? Does this initiative have a formal name by which we can refer to it when contacting our own congressmen?

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