I just wish the new units worked with the 5800 AP's...

On 1/18/06, Tom DeReggi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm not sure if everyone really truly realizes what has just happened.
> It took an hour or two for it to really sink in, I think I must have been in
> shock.
> Last year when Betas were send out, they asked, how many we wanted to buy,
> before they shipped.
> This year, they just sent them, and I wasn't told the price.
> Was it sorta like a restaurant with no prices on the menu?
> Send us the gear to see how nice it is, and then tell us the big price tag
> after we realized the advantages?
> Think about it, Like a Fox, but will be able to do up to 30 mbps, cross
> platform supported!
> They jsut released a Fox-D2 for the low price point model. The M5580 was
> likely going to have a bigger price tag, if I guessed.
> What was it going to be, $300, $400, $500?  When I heard $150 today, I able
> shxt myself. I was blown away. I never expected it.
> I remember three years ago, when everyone was talking about the 2 year ROI
> on equipment, wishing that if they only had a $500 CPE! And one came, thanks
> Trango. And then some people started getting greety and pushing the limits,
> and said "If we only had a $300 CPE". And sure enough it came. Thanks
> Trango.  (Also a few others like Tranzeo releasing 2.4Ghz for under $150).
> Some jerks actually had the nerve to then say, "if I only had a $150 CPE!".
> It just plain got rediculously funny at that point. Then Like Emeral would
> say "BAM!" Trango did it agin, "$150!!!!".  This is truly a defining moment
> in history.  No NOT for a commodity WIFI product, not for a 2.4Ghz product.
> But for a Commercial Robust WISP product! Equivellent to what we easilly
> paid $500 for, less than a year ago.
> I was lucky to share an experience this past October at a Trango meeting.
> After the reception, some of us stuck around to hang out. We were all
> dreaming about what we needed, to be more successful and sell more radios.
> Then out of nowhere "Z" gets all serious and asks "What If...we had a $200
> CPE?" We respond, "how much quantity would that take? 5000, 10,000?"
> Instantly, Travis is like, "at that price I'd commit to 5000, 1000 at a
> time." Then I was like, "I'd take 500". Etc, etc.  Then we all realized we
> were dreaming and drinking way to much wine, and called it a night.  CPEs
> were still $400 at that time, ya know. God what a poker face! I thought Z
> was kidding!  And the irony in it all, quantity 10,000 is not required! Just
> qty 30! And its only $150, not $200!  I just don't know what to say.
> I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to be in the tech room
> tommorrow. I'm going to be in the marketing room, making new materials, and
> crunching numbers.  Our business plan may have just changed overnight, with
> this recent Press release. Think about the potential!  The residential
> market is going to be broken wide open, with this pricing.  If I didn't have
> a box of M5580s sitting on my desk, I'd ask somebody to pinch me, to make
> sure I wasn't dreaming.
> Trango... Thanks!
> PS. PLEASE, NOBODY SAY, " If I only had a CPE for $75", I don't think my
> heart could take the results.
> Tom DeReggi
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