I'm noticing more and more WISP's selling their wireless
broadband service as "DSL" or "Wireless DSL". I know
that 75% of the people who call our sales number have
a difficult time understanding what Wireless Broadband is.
They already know what DSL is and that is what the majority
of them ask for so I would be interested in hearing everyone's
opinions on the pros and cons of a WISP labeling their
wireless broadband service as "DSL, wDSL or Wireless DSL"
instead of "Fixed Wireless, WiFI or Wireless Broadband".

If the masses are more familiar with the term DSL then I
think we would generate more sales leads by advertising
our (WISPs') broadband as DSL instead of Wireless
Broadband. I'm sure the local telco would just love to see
all of us selling "DSL". Are there any legalities to this? Does
wireless broadband qualify as DSL or a form of DSL in the
eyes of the law? Is it legal for a WISP to sell their wireless
broadband service as DSL?

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