If it would stop raining......

We don't have it all deployed yet, but here is what we know.

They take a long time to boot, maybe 5 minutes.

The range is poor, they are supposed to put out 26 dBm per Cisco, but they only 
put out 14 dBm per the controller interface. We questioned Cisco on this, and 
they calimed that the 26 dB was the total of transmit + receive. We are going 
to try to get an engineer to tell us what the radio is and what the REAL output 
power is. If the power is truly on 14 dBm, that is not good.

The 2.4 radios ar supposed to put out 25 dBm, but the controller interface is 
only showing 17 dBm max. We are hoping that this is a limit in the BIOS that 
can be changed.

We had 1 link at 3600 feet with 1 tree in the way. 7.5 dB omni on each end and 
no link. As soon as another engineer put a 1500 (Mesh AP) in his car and got 
between the other two, the link came up. This is with one end on a firehouse at 
about 35 feet and the other on a light pole at about 26 feet or so.

The monitoring is not what we expected-there doesn't seem to be any way to 
monitor the 5 GHz backhauls, but the monitoring of the 2.4 is very good.

We are waiting on the city to put in some long-range ethernet links between the 
stoplights so we will actually have something to bridge.

They currently only use 5.7-5.8 GHz, but 4.9 is supposed to be available later 
this year.


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>It's now April 5th. How are you faring with the Cisco mesh gear?
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>> The Cisco radios can do 4.9-5.8 GHz. I am assuming that 5.3-5.7 will be 
>> available in a update, since 4.9 is available now. Cisco apparently only has 
>> 6-8 deployments so far, and they are releasing updates regularly.
>> Our install is tentatively scheduled for March 14th, so I should be able to 
>> post info shortly thereafter.
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