I cannot believe I have never read about this before. Is it an April Fool's joke? According to the sources I have seen this was released a couple of years back. Can anyone confirm or deny the validity of this information? Does anyone have a link that leads to a description of exactly what can and cannot be done with these bands if it is real? I know it is indicating UWB but this does not appear to be the only thing it is limited to i I am reading this right.
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From December 24, 2004:

* FCC Permits New Unlicensed UWB Devices    *
* ** *The FCC adopted new rules to permit unlicensed wideband devices in the 6 GHz, 17 GHz and 24 GHz bands. Specifically, the FCC amended its rules for general Part 15 unlicensed operations that use wide bandwidths but are not classified as UWB devices under its rules. It increased the peak power limits and reduced the unwanted emission levels for 3 frequency bands that were already available for unlicensed operation: 5925-7250 MHz, 16.2-17.2 GHz, and 23.12-29 GHz, and indicated that higher peak power limits in these bands would facilitate wideband operations such as short range communications, collision avoidance, inventory control and tracking systems. The Commission also amended its measurement procedures to permit frequency hopped, swept frequency, and gated systems operating within these bands to be measured in their normal operating mode.
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