PBX>FXOmodule>Ethernet>WirelessBridge>WirelessBridge>Ethernet>FXS module

Here is one example, Google will probably get you cheaper ones....


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>I have an interesting application, that maybe someone has tried:
>Customer is expanding to a remote office, across the street from the 
>main office.
>They need to connect voice and data between the two.
>There's clear LOS, so a wireless link will work.
>The telephone PBX is at the main office, of course.
>I need to send avoice line across the wireless link from the main office 
>to the remote one.
>How do I add the voice?  Couldn't I simply do this?
>PBX ----[telephone cord]---->[Linksys VoIP phone]----->[switch (which 
>also has an uplink to the wired network)]---->[wireless radio]
>On the other side of the link, the telephone cord would go into a 
>desktop phone terminal.
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