I know we keep working on our processes to improve the installation of our links. We still have a "burn-in" period after installations because our processes aren't yet 100%. I think it would be great if we could together work up a documented procedure to ensure better wireline reliability of wireless links.


John Scrivner wrote:

Well engineered links with proper installation, lightning protection, battery backup and good gear will be just as reliable (if not more) as any land line system in my opinion. The rub is that many wireless links are poorly engineered, bad gear and not installed well. Garbage in...garbage out. I am just as guilty as anyone else. I am fixing that though. I have wireless links that are getting to be as reliable as wired ones. I will be "better than wired" reliably here in a year. The cost factor puts wireless well ahead of any risk/reward or value comparisons to other broadband platforms. Wireless will be the clear winner in the end if we all learn to do it right and buy good gear.

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