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20 years ago before the "fiber" and MCI was using links, they cost more than $150k. Even our local cell phone provider has point to point links that are over $100k today.

That's nice, but they don't have to cost that much. I know one of the local metro counties here is using 7Ghz licensed for trunking their 911 operations and each link cost under $50k. I am not privy to the uptime of these links, but I am guessing that they must be pretty reliable if they are used for 911 by a government entity.

I've been doing this for almost 10 years.... I have THOUSANDS of wireless customers. How many customers do you have? The total number of failures is relative to the number of CPE.

I don't really see how we can compare our businesses as we don't really do much multipoint. A customer that just buys a T1 replacement for a single location is the exception in our business. Most of our customers are buying a lot more bandwidth and/or have many locations. For example, one of our CLEC customers just placed an order for 14 new 3Mbps links. You think a CLEC is going to use us for last mile if we can't provide them with a 99.99%/50ms SLA?

And if you are using CPE that is more than $150, maybe you should be looking at Trango. :)

We evaluated Trango and even used them in a the field for a while. We don't use Trango anymore.


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