My goal is to save my gear from static. I don't really care about lightning because I believe it cannot be stopped, but I can bleed off a little static and keep my ethernet ports working. (I hope)

chris cooper wrote:

On the surface it sounds like a good idea.  Im no electrician, nor do I play
one on television. Is it a good idea to have the ground in the same sheath
as the conductors?  Im thinking in a lightning strike- would it be better to
shunt the surge onto the tower and tower ground asap or run it all the way
down to the ground at the busbar?  Does having the ground in the same sheath
increase the likelihood of burning up the equipment in the
enclosure/house/radio shack?


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I am currently waiting on 2 distributors who I'm contacted about getting cat5 with a grounding wire (either #10,12, or 14). They are getting a hold of the manufacturers and are going to see if they will make it and what the min commit it. I will let everyone know.


Jason wrote:

How do all you guys in NEC enforcement areas handle the grounding issue? Details please. Currently I am not in an enforcement area, but that's about to change.

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