> I have a sub with an external hard drive but he needs a good backup
> program.  Anyone know of a good one you've had luck with?


(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

I've used NovaBackup, but not in a while and I don't know if it works with
hard drives (I used it with a tape). Worked well and didn't cost too much.

Of course, there's Veritas et al, but as previously mentioned, expensive.

Windows has it's own built-in backup program, too. It's basic, but it
works and is free. Again, don't know if it'll handle a hard drive as a
backup device.


Even further OT, but figured I'd throw it out there just in case.. Does
anyone know of an open-source package for doing backups via the net? I'm
looking to co-lo a box with a lot of disk space to be used specifically as
an off-site backup solution. Ideally, it would have all the features of
Enveloc, EVault, US Data Trust, etc., but without the price tag.

I'll probably end up using rsync, but I was hoping to find something that
has a web interface for clients to retrieve their own files, monitors
directories for changes in near real-time, etc. Ideally it would also be
platform independent, but I'll take what I can get..


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