I've heard so much about Trango that I'm really intrigued!  What is it that you use for 900 MHz?  Why would I choose Trango over WaveRider anyway?  Thanks.
Thank you very much for the detailed response.  I wouldn't say I will be desperate as I'm doing it mostly as a benefit to the community and money is a side-note for me (I already have a great career so I'm really in it for the fun).  Have you tried Trango's 900 MHz, and if so, did it compare well to WaveRider?  Secondly, what equipment for the 802.11b have you had the success with?  Thanks again!
It seems to be the consensus is not to have any contracts for the service.  It also seems to be the consensus that other successful WISPs are having great success not charging rock bottom prices.  I've heard great things about WaveRider in general and it seems virtually everyone also says that if I offer more than 1 Mbps to customers then I'm pushing it with WaveRider.  You're right about the local business comments.. I've seen it work very well in our "tight-nit" community.  I probably should up the price a bit and rethink my WaveRider strategy.  I HAVE to have 900 MHz.. other WISPs have seriously come and gone with their 2.4 GHz stuff due to the trees and so I'm stuck between a rock (WaveRider) and a hard place (Trango).  Any ideas in this regard?  Thank you kindly.
Thank you very much for your comments.  I'm planning on the snail pace to get started. :)
I can probably help you with this.  What OS is the sub using?  What kind of backup do you want?  Data only, Ghosting, Full backups with incremental, how often, etc?  How many machines, is this server-based, or client-based?
You stated that you "used trango in the past and don't use them anymore"... who do you use now?  Thanks.
I wanna be your friend.  I need hand-holding and you sound like you were in the position I'm in today and can really help.  What equipment are you using?  Thanks.
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