I read your press release titled:

TIA Applauds Introduction of Spectrum-Related Legislation by Representatives Inslee, Blackburn, Baldwin, Gillmor and Boucher

I read a line in the release below that is not true. It is this:

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) praises the leadership of Representatives Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) and his co- sponsors ... for their introduction of legislation intended to allow the use of broadcast television spectrum in the band between 608 and 614 MHz by unlicensed devices, including wireless broadband services.

When I read that this bill was limited to allowing use "between" 608 and 614 MHz as outlined above I was outraged. This is a mere 6 MHz of spectrum. I took that information and decided to rally WISP operators against this bill because it was against the language proposed by the Senate Commerce Committee bills allowing for all television unused channels. Now we have several WISPs who have written their representatives OPPOSING this bill. I had someone finally send me the real language of the bill and found it actually says that the bill is asking for all unused television channel space with the "exception of" 608 to 614 MHz. This is a COMPLETELY different meaning than what is portrayed in your press release and has caused a great deal of misinformation about this bill. PLEASE correct this so others do not make the same mistake.
With regrets,
John Scrivner

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