*Avoiding MIMO*
/Professor warns: stick with 802.11g/
Posted 2006-04-10 13:22:06
Incorrectly advising users that new 802.11n gear won't work with old hotspots, an article in the Boston Globe <> also uses conversations with computer engineering professor Thomas A. McGonagle to suggest users should avoid MIMO gear entirely.

   /"These Multi Input, Multi Output gadgets achieve excellent signal
   quality and range by hogging the wireless spectrum up to 219 yards
   away- If you live in the city or suburbs, your MIMO router will
   knock out your wireless-enabled neighbors' connections. And if your
   neighbors also have MIMO, you'll all lose your connections. MIMO
   also won't work with those free Wi-Fi hotspots that are popping up
   in increasing numbers of cafes and libraries."/



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