Nothing I know of that fits your needs.  Other than a 5 gig wifi platform.

If you can come up with more money ($3500ish should do) then you might look at Airaya. They use the 802.11a chips but put their own mac on them. Better protocol that way.

Next step up would probably be Redline then Orthogon.

Hope that helps,

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802.11a preferred, as one of the endpoints "sees" a lot of interfering
2.4 Ghz stuff.

This is a LOS link over high desert terrain (7000-7500 feet), with a
possible fresnel zone problem about .25 mile out (low clearance). No
trees, buildings, etc. to get in the way otherwise. I can provide
further details if you'd like. This link is an attempt to get (another)
unserved rural enclave online with us.

Cost is, of course, an issue, but not a total driver. I would like to
maintain interoperability as well, but that may not be realistic.

FYI, we're a member-owned all-volunteer wireless cooperative S/SE of
Santa Fe, NM. Some of our members don't have POTS (and, given that we're
beholden to Qwest, won't ever get it), barely get cellular and aren't on
the grid. But at least they've got high-speed wireless internet access
:). Our network is mostly WRAP AP's running a pebble variant and Senao
bridges on 802.11b, with the backbone being replaced with 5.8 Ghz gear
(likely Tranzeo at this point). We have 3 megabit upstream, but I'm
trying to position us to a jump to frac/full T-3 sometime in the future,
unless there's a better choice to make at that point.

I've found this list invaluable since I've been on it...there is
incredible expertise and amazingly helpful people.

Thanks in advance...

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