I received a random e-mail from someone that I don't even know.  I thought was 
a phony e-mail (I will append the text below).  I am not one that tries to 
spread rumors or anything, but I went to the ARRL site, and with a quick search 
on 2.4, I found this article:
Now what I found doesn't state what the e-mail I recieved, but I thought it 
might be something that I should bring to everyone's attention.  There may be 
more out there.
----- Email -----

The ARRL has proposed a change in regulating spread spectrum power output.  
This will dramatically affect users of 802.11b/g in the 2.4 GHz frequency 
range.  If you haven't already, please consider making your comments known on 
the FCC's ECFS for RM-11325.  You only have a 
couple weeks.

Basically the proposal allows amateur radio operators to run powers of 100 
watts without automatic power control.  (Right now they can run up to 100 watts 
of power, but if they run anything over 1 watt the automatic power control 
kicks in and lowers or raises the power to use only what's required for the 
communication link)   By asking to have this requirement removed, it means that 
they can blanket an area by transmitting continuously at 100 watts without an 
automatic system to reduce power for near communications.   In the 2.4 GHz band 
it could obliterate wifi channels for miles.  This can directly impact your 
technical support department as well as future sales of products that use the 
2.4 GHz shared frequency region.  Whether your feelings are pro or con, please 
make your opinion known to the FCC using the link above.


Keith DeLong

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