Sorry to answer my own post but I thought it was needed here. I was asked offlist by a list member if I was supporting this product with the message I sent below.I need to be clear that I was not promoting this product at all. I was simply passing along what I was told to save others from making the call to get the same data.

John Scrivner wrote:

I just called them. They are asking $732.00 each for these units. They are not an integrated antenna and radio as I first thought. They have an external N connector on them.

The guy I spoke with said that the FCC certs are pending approval and that the unit is being tested for approval now. I was told that certification from FCC is expected by end of this month.

They are NOT using the new Ubiquiti cards as I first thought. They have their own Atheros based design. I am guessing they have built their own mixer / LO / PA to make these work in 900 as Ubiquiti has done. The price is the same for AP or for CPE.

The guy I spoke with on the phone (I did not get his name) told me that these units are shipping now.

Blair Davis wrote:

Has anybody used the Orion 900MHz gear?

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