You are likely correct to a large extent Dylan, and Redline, Orthogon (now owened by Moto), Ceragon, Stratex, ex-Western Multiplex, etc. ad nauseum made good business off that very thing. However, I expect that in certain segments of the market, WiMAX will hold sway as backhaul. Backhaul of what is the question. And the answer in my view is backhaul of things like security cameras, traffic systems, SCADA, mesh, etc., in other words, fixed devices at the edges and especially in the muni environment. The muni space lives off RFPs. RFPs are driven by consultants. Consultants don't like risks and tend not to be bleeding edge knowledgeable....consultant like standards. Ergo, most muni RFPs at some point will begin to specify WiMAX for the PMP backhaul.


As well, I believe we will all see enterprise embracing WiMAX PMP to connect buildings, replacing those 5-8 years old 802.11b bridges that in place connecting remote sites in gazillions of places. They will embrace WiMAX because it is a standard, like they did Wi-Fi, and because it is designed for long range outdoor, unlike Wi-Fi, and because it is better for IP-rich environments emerging doing VoIP and video across the enterprise.


The proprietary stuff will continue to be used at the backhaul heavily by carriers and WISPs - especially for their redundant licensed ring structures (for which they are so well suited).


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Wow - this is by far the most enlightening piece I've ever read on the WiMax market. Thanks a lot!

So who really cares about WiMax for backhaul? So what if I can build links with ends from different vendors? Won't proprietary protocols win (technically) if they aren't "limited" by requirements to operate within a standard?

Time to look into licensing for mobile!

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