Let's make it a 5 radio product J


They have 2 groups selling into the PS space, their networking practice and their government practice. Sometimes they even compete against themselves. But they sure do bring lots of brand equity into the PS wireless battle, what with all those years selling two-way radios. For wonks, it is really fascinating following all the happenings in that space. And it gets even more interesting with the FCC's recent 700MHz NPRM. Moto has lots to gain if the FCC chooses to adopt a standard like SAM to promote interoperability. Lucent wants it to go CDMA so the can sell their EVDO. Both want some of the current wideband allocations reconfigured to include three 1.25MHz wide channels for mobile broadband.


The FCC is asking for comments from the public on both the Moto and Lucent proposals, as well as their own ideas. Comment due date is, I recall, May 16 with rebuttals by June 16.


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Is the three-radio product you mention actually the four-radio product I referred to, or something else?

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This is no surprise and was largely expected back when they began to OEM them back in January of 2005. No way they'll buy Tropos. Moto already bought Mesh Networks and currently fields a three-radio product for the public safety side on the muniwireless market. Earthlink is the one that has Moto and Tropos together; it is not Moto making the call to use tropos.


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