I had a 250 ft run that was acting up. I went from 1 amp power supplies to 2 amp ones. Now it's not acting up. I am not an expert but from my understanding you need to be careful when you add volts. Extra volts will kill a radio but when you add amps it's fine because the radio only pulls what amps it wants and leaves the rest alone.

Google "poe calculator"

Mark Nash wrote:

Hello...got a run of cat5 about 450' that is working but doesn't seem to be sufficiently powering the amplifier built into the antenna. The device is a Terabeam EtherAnt-Turbo/LR (same as Proxim's Terastar EtherAnt/LR). It works but SNR should be better. If I power the thing locally (25' of cat5) it works as it should, so I think it may be insufficient power. It's got a 48v 0.4a power supply. I know that it's far over spec for PoE...but specs were made up from engineers who have to play it safe for what they recommend. So...any field answers to my dilemma? Is more information needed? Perhaps a side question: What drops over distance...volts or amps? Please consider the non-electrically-experienced crowd. Thanks much.

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