--Universal Service Reform: Creates a new account to invest $500 million

a year in broadband infrastructure for areas private investment are 
reluctant to reach. Expands USF contributors to include any company 
capable of supporting 2-way voice communication. Low volume users and 
low income households would be exempted.

1. So who determines what/how/when the areas private investment is
2. Who has access to the $500 million to build infrastructure
3. Sounds like some folks are tagging a rider in to take a shot at VOIP

--Permanently Exempt USF Fund: Permanently exempts the Universal Service

Fund from the Anti-Deficiency Act, allowing programs like the E-rate to 

--Municipal Broadband: Allows municipalities to band together and offer 
affordable broadband service in areas where private companies cannot or 
will not provide service.

1. See #1 above

Call me paranoid, but parts of this smell a little fishy.


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