Funny Guys.. realllllly funnnny Rick!
any hows... my goal here is to get the public the RIGHT kind of
internet service for their needs...

True MOBILE Broadband Synch / low latency is still years off...

so... Im planning to add a note:
for FIXED Wireless Broadband, contact a WISP.
for Mobile Wireless Internet, contact
A WISP can deliver much faster connection speeds than EVDO at wire
line latencies. 3g Such as EVDO and HSDPA are only medium speed on the
download stream and thin band on the uploads."

Can You Guys gimme any speeds to quote???

ps... thanks for the free hosting offer... suuuper cool of you
JohnnyO! will advise

re hover text..:
in Satelite mode.. the hover text is clear.. so i gotta do a
conditional color filter...

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> > Are you hosting this site on an EVDO connection?
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