> Have been trying to upgrade our AP systems from a pebble based system
> to something newer and stable.  Just finshed a several day trial of a
> newer m0n0wall based distro called pfsense.  Loved advanced FW and
> traffic shaping available.  Configured simple bridge & shaper and put
> it inline with our system.  Great voip response, less delay due to
> priority DNS, etc.  On the 128M wrap board I used it went 2 days+ then
> locked up.  uuuhhg!
> Am considering MT, but would like some feedback about their OS on WRAP
> or Soekris boards.
> 1)  Are the watchdog timers on these embedded boards enabled under MT?
> 2) How stable are these systems under medium to high loads?
> 3) Do you ever see hard lockups?  Brief watchdog burps? if so, how often?
> 4) Anyone used the captive portal feature in MT?  What kind of authentication?
> 5) Can you brige 2 radios in AP mode and assign that bridge to the
> captive portal?
> 6) Are MT tools available for traffic shaping, controlling p2p, etc??

I have setup a MT system running on the RB532, using 2 radio's, I bridged them
and then added that bridge to the captive portal, the authentication is internal
and it my setup, not really being used



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