Per minute fees for dial up service. A lot of us are going to see rate hikes pretty quickly here. good bye dial up.

It sounds like Global Nap was a wholesale dial up provider and this sounds like what was asked at the early days of dial up. That internet calls be treated like long distance calls and have a per minute charge. Didn't the Supreme Court reinforce that it was just like long distance, but not allow the carriers to collect or something along those lines?


Dawn DiPietro wrote:

As quoted from the article;

"The US Court of Appeals in Boston ruled April 11 that Verizon Communications Inc. can charge per-minute fees for calls to local numbers that dial-up users need to connect to the Internet -- in much the same way that they charge for long-distance or other calls."

Also quoted from the article;

"Verizon claims it is owed more than $65 million by Global NAPs. The court did not rule on damages, but Verizon cut off Global NAPs's access to its network, effectively shutting down Internet service for customers of dial-up providers like MegaNet of Fall River, which had to find another company to supply emergency connections for its approximately 7,500 dial-up subscribers."

Full story here;

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