Net Neutrality to me means preventing the large backbone providers (AT&T, etc.) from deciding whose packets will be allowed to use the Internet and how much extra it will cost to use the Internet, assuming that you are "allowed" to use it. Packets from sites can be (as I understand it) not just slowed down but prevented from crossing at all unless the backbone providers "approve". This, to me, is undemocratic, unjust, and bad for the citizens of any free country. That is why I support and have joined the coalition to "Save the Internet".

As responsible individuals who are involved in the Internet business, I urge each one of you to:

1. Read the website <>

2. Do your own additional research on "Net Neutrality", the "First Amendment of the Internet" - based on the First Amendment to the American Constitution - Freedom of Speech.

3. Reach an informed decision on the issue of "Net Neutrality"

4. If you agree, take action by signing up to join the coalition to save the Internet.

5. If you disagree, take action to support your position.

6. Publicize your efforts and help to get the word out to support your position.

So far, 500,000 (half a million) individuals and organizations have signed up to support the coalition to save the Internet. Of these, six are ISPs; none of the six appear to be WISPs.

I would expect that at least a few WISPs would support this effort to keep the Internet accessible equally by everyone.

Thank you for listening,

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