Hi Ron
I don't know much except what has come across these list since the stuff came out. I seem to recall a couple of wisps saying they've installed them and being successful. I don't recall that they were very fast at all.

Some of the municipalities have deployed them, I think maybe Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington have them.

And I think it was relatively expensive, Think I heard like 30-60k or more per pop. Big wind loaded multiple panel antennas of size and expensive omni's


Ron Wallace wrote:

What do you know about them?

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 >> To All,
 >> Any one know anthing about Navini Networks and all their claims? sounds
 >> too good to be true.
 >> Ron Wallace
 >I'd like to know as well how it performs and their success rate. It's
 >been out awhile now.
 >I do know that Navini and Vivato were supposed to be revolutionary
 >products using smart antennas and direction beam forming techniques to
 >overcome nlos and reach in deeper to the customer.
 >They get to use more power than a normal PtMP unlicensed system.
 >Vivato didn't make it: http://www.vivato.com/ VIVATO ANNOUNCES WIND DOWN
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