That is one huge IF! Cuz how would they make money?

If it did happen, you could always change your pricing model.
Isn't there a clause in your AUP about total usage in a month?
How about 30 days notice to affect a price change?

- Peter

George Rogato wrote:

I don't know , Travis, web pages voip ftp streaming music occasional movies low bandwidth streaming video, no problem.

But what if, what if tomorrow Travis wakes up and reads in his newspaper that the local cable company or satellite co is going to offer a substantial discount if the just unplug the cable wire and plug in that new set top box into their isp's little router and get ALL their tv that way.

Wouldn't you ask, why can you guys use my network to feed your customers.

Wouldn't you start wondering if those p4 routers and DS3's you got there be enough to handle that type of traffic?
Would you have to upgrade your infrastructure to accomadate this?

What if it was google, yahoo, msn, att or even verizon that was offering this as a way to reach customers without trying to build local infrastructure?

I'm realizing I'm exaggerating this some, at least for the near future, but if this scenario was to take place, what would you be saying then?


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