Peter R. wrote:

Isn't there a clause in your AUP about total usage in a month?
How about 30 days notice to affect a price change?

I don't have a bit cap in place. I serve a more mature residential market place. I do have some cam customers and a few heavy users. The way I look at my customers is I let them go as fast as they need and as fast as I can get them to go. and I don't charge any more or less. Usage is not currently a problem. The issue we all face is pricing competition from DSL and Cable. Cherry picking is out of the question when your in a rural small town city. So if a wisp doesn't serve resi subs in that market place chances are they won't exist. And if a wisp can't keep up with speed and services for a competitive price he won't survive either.

Most of my subs go 3 to 4 megs and some are now seeing 10-12 megs.
I have some video's that I watch from home and I watch the bandwidth usage as I'm watching it.

We are also involved in a video on demand venture.

Here is some of our video:


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