I don't agree with this sentiment at all.
The problem has always been (dating back to 2000) that Indie ISPs did not join the regulatory process. A few here and there. Then no traction was made. We lost. And the ISP was right: see, we can't win. Ha! You can't win when you don't even particpate. It's like someone complaining they never win lotto, but have never bought a ticket!

You should be chiming in your Congresspeople's ears right now about this stuff. Faxes, emails, calls.


Travis Johnson wrote:

"WE" aren't going to be able to do anything. Do you have millions to lobby this (one way or the other)? We will sit back and watch what happens, just like we ALWAYS have to do.

The smaller WISPs have never influenced anything political. It's the big players that make the changes.


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