I am sure a number of vendors have exciting things coming at some point in the future. In the meantime, I am buying product now. So, from a practical standpoint, does your future product have any impact on current deployment decisions? For example, if we bought product today that was software upgradeable later then it is worth considering.

What I am looking for is higher throughput per sector and/or denser radio colocation. I have sites today with 15 5.7Ghz radios and I still don't have enough room (spectrum or bandwidth). Canopy's syncing is saving my butt today by allowing us to colocate radios on the same channel, but once we need more than 14Mbps aggregate we lose the syncing as we deploy Orthogon's product.


Patrick Leary wrote:

Fair enough, and that's a different matter. I cannot speak for other brands,
but BreezeACCESS VL is about to get even more efficient, and dramatically so
in terms of packets per second and that is really where the rubber hits the
road. It looks like it may achieve as much as 50k pps. On top of that are a
few new major features for VoIP and other real time apps like video. More
details will be forthcoming.

- Patrick, Alvarion

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Patrick Leary wrote:

But which WiMAX are you talking about? There are lots of versions and the
one version that no one has...and no one should be clamoring for just
yet...is unlicensed WiMAX.

I am certainly looking for WiMAX features such as spectral efficiency in 5 Ghz unlicensed gear right now. I don't really care about the standard.


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